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Find a full-time
remote job in a tech company
6nomads is a remote-focused job platform for tech talent.
Create a profile and let companies apply to you.
How it works
Solve a programming quiz (~15 min)
Take a role-specific quiz that will prove your knowledge.
Take the coding challenge
(~40 min)
Because we value your skills, not your CV.
Record a 3-minute video
(~5 min)
We've recorded 3 simple questions for you to answer.
Receive offers!
(as long as you want)
Become visible to all companies and get matched with the relevant ones.
Choose your tech stack
Machine learning
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iOS & Android developers
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General FAQ
What is 6nomads?
6nomads is a remote-focused job platform, where talented developers and successful startups find each other in the shortest possible way.

Our features:
— We are not engaged in outsourcing or freelancing — only remote full-time jobs in strong teams of tech companies around the world.
— The selection of 6nomads is skills-based, fully automated, and takes just a little bit longer than 1 hour.
— Talent verified by 6nomads receives only relevant offers from CEOs and CTOs of tech startups: the incoming offers correspond to the salary range and other criteria specified.
— The average time from the start of communication with the company to the job offer on 6nomads is 2.15 times faster than the average for hiring engineers.
— Companies trust our expertise and review process.
Who can apply and get on the platform?
Talent who define themselves as
— Full-stack Engineers
— Front-end Engineers
— Back-end Engineers
— Mobile Engineers
— DevOps Engineers
— QA Engineers
— Game Developers
— Data Scientists
— Product Designers
    What are the requirements for getting on the platform?
    — 3+ years of experience
    — B1+ English level
    — LinkedIn profile or CV
    — Profile on Github / GitLab / Bitbucket
    — Willingness to work remotely
    What is the process for signing up?
    To confirm your skills and get to the platform, you should:

    1) pass the quiz
    We created these quizzes with the help of CTO and Team Leaders from top tech companies. Quizzes consist of 20 unique questions.

    2) pass the coding challenge on HackerRank
    HackerRank is a technology platform that is the standard for assessing developer skills. We use HackerRank coding challenges to evaluate developers' skills objectively and to show companies the most relevant candidates.

    3) record a video interview (optional).

    The number of stages can vary, depending on your tech stack. For example, Data Scientists only need to pass the quiz, and DevOps Engineers — only the HackerRank task.
    How long will it take to complete the tasks?
    The quiz (20 questions test) takes 20 minutes; for the HackerRank coding challenge, you have 2 hours, but usually, developers complete it for 40 minutes.
    Video interview recording takes 5 minutes more.

    So the quiz, task, and interview take just a bit more than 1 hour on average.

    Also, you do not have to pass the quiz and the coding challenge at the same time (although why not do it this way?), you can return to your tasks within 1 week.
    If you didn't find an answer to your question, look at this blog post, here we have answered all possible questions in detail.
    Learn more about us on 6nomads blog:
    At 6nomads we believe that there's a perfect match for everyone. That's why we've created an AI matching that will connect you with companies relevant to your timezone, salary expectations, and tech stack.