Удаленные сотрудники — супергерои, лентяи или новые люди?
Superheroes, Lazybones or New People —
Who Remote Workers Are?

Remote work not only gives access to high-quality specialists from everywhere in the world, but it's also a way to hire more involved, loyal and happier employees. Read the results of our research to find out more.
Companies are looking for the best employees because they are the base of any successful project. But how can you find great developers with the shortage of high-quality specialists and the competitive situation within IT corporations?

There is a way! Make them a more attractive offer. We found out that an attractive offer is the opportunity to work remotely. There are only a few companies that offer this, so by applying it you will stand out in the crowd.
We've surveyed more than 250 developers, analyzed 400 LinkedIn accounts and made profiles of successful remote employees in order to highlight the right motivation and awareness of both the advantages and difficulties that remote work entails. And now we are happy to share these results with you!
What's Inside:
Every team in Playrix is distributed, they consist of remote and office employees. This makes it possible to create strong and unique teams because otherwise, these people could never work together.

Dmitry Bukhman
The Founder of Playrix
It's a little bit silly to tie searches for employees to just one point on the map. Of course, you need to accept new rules of communication and company building, but it's definitely worth it.
Andrei Rebrov
СТО of Scentbird
It's just another way to make the world kinder. The more you support your employees, the healthier and happier your business becomes.
Richard Branson
The Founder of Virgin Group

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