Senior Talent Acquisition for B2B SaaS Startups
6nomads is a recruitment platform
for remote Seed — Series B startups
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Solutions for all your hiring challenges:
"We need to grow faster after funding round"
"We want to improve our quality of hire"
"We don't have an internal recruiting team"
"We need to define our location strategy as a remote team"
"We need candidates with experience in our industry"
"We want to offer competitive compensation"
We know who you're looking for:
  • Engineers
    Senior, Staff, Principal, Founding Engineers;

    DevOps, AI specialists, Cloud Engineers.

    Strong technical skills, relevant experience and salary expectations.
  • Sales & Marketing
    Go-to-market, Growth, Sales, Customer success leaders with previous successful experience at high-growth, fast-paced startups in SaaS industry. Will help you build from the ground up.
  • Product Designers
    Senior/Lead Designers with hands-on experience and excellent portfolios in your space. Ready to take ownership of the little details that take a product from good to great.
Our team will create a list of the most relevant candidates for your job opportunity and target those candidates using LinkedIn and email.

All interested candidates will be sent to you so you could lead them through your internal recruiting process.
Pay per hire
15% from annual salary
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