The Ultimate FAQ
About 6nomads Talent Review Process

Top 5 questions

What is 6nomads?
6nomads is a remote-focused job platform, where talented developers and successful startups find each other in the shortest possible way.

Our features:
— We are not engaged in outsourcing or freelancing — only remote full-time jobs in strong teams of tech companies around the world.
— The selection of 6nomads is skills-based, fully automated, and takes just a little bit longer than 1 hour.
— Talent verified by 6nomads receives only relevant offers from CEOs and CTOs of tech startups: the incoming offers correspond to the salary range and other criteria specified.
— The average time from the start of communication with the company to the job offer on 6nomads is 26 days, which is 2.15 times faster than the average for hiring engineers.
— Companies trust our expertise and review process.
Who can apply and get on the platform?
Talent who define themselves as
— Full-stack Engineers
— Front-end Engineers
— Back-end Engineers
— Mobile Engineers
— DevOps Engineers
— QA Engineers
— Game Developers
— Data Scientists
— Product Designers
    What are the requirements for getting on the platform?
    — 3+ years of experience
    — B1+ English level
    — LinkedIn profile or CV
    — Profile on Github / GitLab / Bitbucket
    — Willingness to work remotely
    What is the process for signing up?
    To confirm your skills and get to the platform, you should:

    1) pass the quiz
    We created these quizzes with the help of CTO and Team Leaders from top tech companies. Quizzes consist of 20 unique questions.

    2) pass the coding challenge on HackerRank
    HackerRank is a technology platform that is the standard for assessing developer skills. We use HackerRank coding challenges to evaluate developers' skills objectively and to show companies the most relevant candidates.

    3) record a video interview (optional).

    The number of stages can vary, depending on your tech stack. For example, Data Scientists only need to pass the quiz, and DevOps Engineers — only the HackerRank task.
    How long will it take to complete the tasks?
    The quiz (20 questions test) takes 20 minutes; for the HackerRank coding challenge, you have 2 hours, but usually, developers complete it for 40 minutes.
    Video interview recording takes 5 minutes more.

    So the quiz, task, and interview take just a bit more than 1 hour on average.

    Also, you do not have to pass the quiz and the coding challenge at the same time (although why not do it this way?), you can return to your tasks within 1 week.
    Other possible questions
    When will I know my results?
    After completing the tasks, you will find out your results immediately in your inbox.

    The 6nomads review process is fully automated. We have abandoned expert evaluation in favor of speed and minimizing the human factor, although our experts (CTO and Team Leaders from top tech companies) helped us to create the quizzes for various tech stacks.
    What do the results need to be to get me to the platform?
    Engineers who manage to answer 13 out of 20 quiz questions correctly and get 60%+ on their HackerRank results are welcomed onboard.
    How many attempts do I have to pass the review?
    You have 2 attempts to pass the test and 1 to pass the coding challenge.

    If you can't complete the tasks successfully, you can come back and try again in 6 months.
    How difficult are the tasks you give?
    Hard to answer, it all depends on your skills and knowledge.

    We prepared tasks with our experts, and they went through several iterations. As a result, 75% of developers consider our tests to be optimal and objective.
    In any case, these tasks are excellent training at least: they are interesting to solve, and in the end, you see your mistakes and know what knowledge you need to improve.
    What can I do if I couldn't pass the review successfully?
    You have 2 attempts to pass the test and 1 to pass the coding challenge.

    If you can't complete the tasks successfully, you can come back and try again in six months.
    Why should I provide links to my LinkedIn and Github profiles?
    We ask for the links to automatically fill out your profile on 6nomads. So you don't have to fill in the fields about skills and experience manually. Then you can edit your profile, of course, but leave the routine to the platform.
    Why should I record a video interview?
    We do not make video interviews a necessary condition (although we would like to do so). Still, we encourage you to spend a little effort to combat confusion and 5 minutes to record a video.

    The fact is that such a simple thing as three 1 minute answers to questions about you and your career significantly increases the company's interest. According to our service data, candidates who have video interviews in their profile receive offers from companies almost 40% more often than those who choose not to record the video.

    The interview saves both your and employer time. The company can pre-form an impression about your communication skills, get relevant information quickly without reading all your work experience carefully, and get right to the point by scheduling a technical or culture fit interview.
    I successfully passed the selection process. What's next?
    Welcome on board!

    Within 24 hours after passing the selection process, your profile will appear on the 6nomads platform. We will inform you about all the current relevant jobs by the platform notifications and by email. And we only ask you to respond to the companies' reach-outs — by rejecting or discussing the offer — within 24 hours.
    Does successful passing the 6nomads review exclude test tasks from companies wanting to hire me?
    We want to say yes, but no, it doesn't.

    We cannot guarantee that your employer will not ask you to complete a test task. According to our statistics, 69% of companies using our service still insist on a test task. Although we recommend to our clients minimize the stages of additional testing of specialists and encourage thorough and fast hiring at the same time, instead of stretching the process for a couple of months.

    Many companies are coming back to the platform again, as they value their time and are satisfied with the work of specialists hired using 6nomads. Already convinced of the objectivity of our review process, these companies ask to complete a test task only in 32% of later searching for a developer on 6nomads.
    How do I correctly specify the desired salary?
    In established remote companies, an adequate salary is usually considered based on your location, years of experience, and role. Too high a salary can become a red flag for the employer or completely exclude you from the list according to their filter.

    Specifying your salary expectations, we recommend adding no more than 15% to your current salary. You can use the GitLab Compensation Calculator and define the optimal salary range. We have even done research on this topic, which can also help.
    How can employers find me on 6nomads?
    To find the right talent, employers use filters that select developers based on their desired salary, time zone, skills, years of experience, English level, and others.

    If you meet the specified criteria, the company will contact you to clarify the details or schedule an interview.
    What about privacy?
    We show only anonymized profiles to companies that have not signed a contract. We do not share confidential information with partners. Also, you can hide your profile if you are no longer looking for a job.
    What if I'm no longer looking for a job? Do I need to delete my account?
    Not at all. In this case, change your status to "don't show my profile", which means that you will not be seen for employers and will not receive any notifications until you be open to new opportunities again.
    Will my account be deleted if I don't use it for a while?
    No, the account is a lifetime. Even your review results will be valid ever after. But you will be able to pass the review for some new specialization that you will get later, or improve the results of the previous one if you want.
    If you have additional questions, please chat with us.