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Senior full-time engineers from all over the world
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Don't hesitate to contact us if we can help with anything. We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at dshershnev@6nomads.com with questions or feedback
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Hire top engineers from all over the world
We match distributed teams with relevant remote individuals.
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Hire great remote engineers

6nomads is not a recruiting agency, outsourcing company or freelance platform. It's a network of pre-vetted senior engineers who want to join your tech team remotely on a full-time basis.
We do sourcing and screening
so you could do the hiring
We attract talented developers
You will not find those developers on job boards. We source candidates with the help of marketing on professional communities, social networks, blogs and other channels.
Candidates pass our screening
(only 5% can make it)
All candidates pass 3-step verification process: programming quiz, coding challenge and video interview.
You match with candidates and hire them
Browse through verified profiles of candidates, chat with them, interview and hire. Our reply rate is 90%.

"Take care of my hiring,
  • Dedicated meticulous Account Manager;
  • We source and screen candidates for the most complex requests;
  • We only show you candidates who are ideal fit for your company and ready to work in;
  • Pay only after successful hiring;
  • 90-day probation period guarantee
of the candidate's first annual salary

We only work with top-tier startups. We don't work with enterprises at this stage.

We don't work with companies without a legal entity. You need to have a corporate business card to pay for our services online. If you don't have a card, please contact our founder, Denis, at dshershnev@6nomads.com. He will help your company to make the payment using a wire transfer.

We don't work with startups that deal with gambling, alcohol, cigarettes or weapons. We are especially motivated to work with startups focused on social impact.

We aren't looking for technical co-founders.