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6nomads is a remote-focused job platform for tech talent.
Create a profile and let companies apply to you.

It's hard to pass through, but it's worth trying

We don't care where you live or about your CV. The only thing we care about is your skills

1. Create a profile, submit your github account/portfolio, or solve an exercise.
2. Get a code/portfolio review from a technical expert.
3. Do a technical interview with us and get feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.
4. Join a hiring sprint and receive offers from remote tech startups.
Choose a specialization and fill out the form to get access to the platform
Machine learning
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iOS & Android developers
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How does it work?
  1. After you apply to, we will ask you to submit your Github account for review (if you have submitted a lot to an open source). Otherwise, we will ask you to do an exercise. For senior developers, it shouldn't take more than 2 hours to finish the exercise.
  2. We evaluate the exercise or github and experience.
  3. You get on the platform.
  4. As soon as you think about changing jobs, or you want to know the actual value of your services on the market, go to your page and toggle to "open to offers".
  5. Employers make offers meeting your criteria.
What is the second stage?
In stage two, if you pass the first one, you will have a 40 min interview in English with an engineer. You will discuss the following topics: 1) your previous experience 2) your exercise / Github.
I am not looking for a job. Why do I need your services?
If you are not actively looking for a job, but are ready to consider offers, or want to know your "value" on the market, then our platform is suitable for you. Select the appropriate status on your profile and employers will be made aware.

You will have open communication available with your own personal talent manager. The goal of the talent manager is to find a job that meets your specifications. All communication with the talent manager is anonymous, employers will not know what you have discussed. You will get personal talent manager details in an email after you're accepted on the platform.
What makes you different from a recruiter?
WIthin a 2 week period, you will get 5−15 offers from employers. The offer contains a description of the task and suggested pay. You can "Decline" it or press "Like. In the latter case, your contact information will be referred to the employer.