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Steffen Luippold
Co-Founder & CTO at Smartmile
We just finalized our contract with one of the candidates and closed the position. It was a very good experience, and we are looking forward to using your service again in the near future.

We were very happy with the value that your service provided and with the results. And I actually think the pricing is too low for this value!
Christine Carrillo
Founder & CEO at Butlr Health
I am super excited about one of the candidates and think he would make an excellent addition to the team and be able to really take on the responsibilities of the role and lead. I'd love to make an offer right away!
Alain Denzler
Regional Lead at Pitcher AG
Just like what you guys are doing.
Really hit a nerve because I'm struggling with quality!
Program Manager at Mindojo
We gave 6nomads a shot and after a few weeks it resulted into successful hire of Senior Front-end Developer. The main advantage of 6nomads is saving precious time. No need to interview dozens of irrelevant candidates. They offered us 6 front end professionals accordingly to our requirements and needs. We interviewed them and picked the one who fits our culture and became the part of our team.
We definitely recommend 6nomads!
СТО of ScholarshipOwl
I really liked how quickly I started getting candidate profiles and the quality these candidates had (especially compared to dealing with recruiters).
It's great that now there is a company specializing in digital nomads.
CPO of Resume.io
This service fit perfectly into our recruitment process. Over 270 applicants sent us CVs, but we only needed 6nomads to find new employees.
Python Developer at ANNA Money
I like having fewer intermediaries between us and the candidates as well as the fact that they all pass through an expert review and technical interview, it allows us to better understand what to expect. However, the chat initiation with the candidates still needs improvement.
Our team will create a list of the most relevant candidates for your job opportunity and target those candidates using LinkedIn and email.

All interested candidates will be sent to you so you could lead them through your internal recruiting process. We'll charge you only if you hire someone.
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