Nomads Circle
An expert community of senior remote engineers. Motivate, inspire and help talented engineers around the world to put their software development career on a solid path.
Many of us have a special someone who has guided and inspired us in our professional development. The Circle aims to foster a group of inspiring tech experts who can externally assess our candidates while providing mentorship and valuable advice. So, if you ever had a desire to Give Back, this could be the right opportunity to channel it to those who need it the most.
About Nomads Circle
— an invite-only Slack group with top engineers from reputable companies;

— opportunity to grow your personal and company brand by enabling you to attract the right type of tech talent (we build your personal page on our platform to promote you);

— an opportunity to become an early investor and co-owner of;

— dedicating 5% of the commission from the successful candidates you mentored to the dedicated Mentors Circle Scholarship Fund, which would be used to support the professional development of selected candidates;

— and finally, we are open to your ideas on how our community could help you.

What we can offer
Find a 40-min slot per week that works for your schedule to have a meaningful conversation with a candidate, and we will take care of the rest.
What we ask in exchange