People intelligence platform: Figma, Miro, Notion analysis
Total employee count.
We focus only on an FTE. We exclude:
1) Interns, Students, Campus leaders, Student leaders, Trainees
2) Contractors, Freelance, Part-time, Consultants
3) Company Advocates and Ambassadors, Company Friends (ex. Friends of Figma), Community advocates
4) Investors, Board members, Advisors
Total employee count with funding
The funding round date is not a real date but a public announcement of the round.
Funding Source -
Employee growth (hired minus laid off)
The goal of that indicator is to understand is the company hiring or laying off people. You can check all the data by role.
Top Hub Employees.

All the employees are split by office locations.

* Currently we don't work with the remote companies
Employee distribution by function
This indicator shows the distribution of the roles by company.
Employee Turnover Rate

To calculate turnover rate, we divide the number of terminates during the year by the number of employees at the beginning of that period.
Median employee tenure (by year)
Employee tenure is a measure of how long wage and salary workers had been with their current employer

Hires came from these companies and previous employees left to these companies

This indicator shows the main donors for the talent
Years of experience before joined the company
The company prefer to hire Senior People Vs. Junior People