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Vice President of Sales at DevTools startup (Series A -> heading to Series B). We are a fully distributed team located predominantly in the US and Europe.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Strategic Client Acquisition and Growth: Formulate and execute a comprehensive strategy aimed at acquiring new clients while nurturing and expanding existing client relationships. This strategy should align with client goals and drive sustainable growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR).
  • Team Leadership and Development: Build, mentor, and lead a high-caliber, diverse enterprise sales team, including Sales Managers and Strategic Account Executives. Your focus should be on achieving and maintaining excellence in sales performance.
  • Client Relationship Management: Actively cultivate and maintain vital client relationships, employing effective strategies to expand our customer base.
  • Sales Forecasting and Planning: Ensure accurate sales forecasting to enable informed business planning and efficient allocation of resources.
  • Sales Lifecycle Management: Oversee the entire sales lifecycle, from lead generation to closing deals. Establish and monitor key metrics to optimize sales funnel efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Operational and Strategic Leadership: Engage in both high-level strategic planning and hands-on operational management to ensure the success of the sales department.

  • Proven Leadership Experience: Demonstrated success in leadership roles within strategic sales, with a history of effectively building, guiding, and retaining high-performance sales teams.
  • Industry Expertise: Extensive experience in engaging with key accounts in core markets, showcasing a deep understanding of their specific needs and challenges.
  • Sales Performance: A consistent track record of meeting or exceeding significant annual contract value (ACV) targets.
  • Software Sales Background: Strong experience in software sales, with a preference for candidates familiar with development tools and/or open-source platforms.
  • Collaborative Skills: Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with teams across Marketing, Product Development, and Engineering to drive growth.
  • Leadership Qualities: Exemplary leadership skills, marked by integrity, initiative, honesty, and the ability to inspire and lead teams effectively.
  • Adaptability and Professionalism: Flexibility, professionalism, and a team-oriented mindset, along with the ability to handle a demanding workload in a dynamic environment.
  • Communication Skills: Exceptional presentation and communication skills, with the capacity to engage and influence a variety of stakeholders.
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