Hire a remote Python developer within 2 weeks

20th of June — 4th of July
What's happening?
Traditional recruiting is broken. It’s time consuming, ineffective, and frustrating. We decided to apply an Agile methodology for recruiting and improve it. Every 2 weeks, we select 6 great remote engineers available for hire and match them with great companies.
How does it work?
On the 20th of June, we’ll start the Sprint for remote Python Developers. Employers will have only 2 weeks to interview them, choose the best candidate, and make an offer.
How do you choose engineers?
This time we've screened, interviewed and vetted 6 senior Python developers out of 242 candidates. These engineers have outstanding tech skills, desire to join a startup team, and a "remote" mindset.
How can I take part?
This project is invite-only, so if you know anyone participating, ask for a referral. If not — send us a request, we'll be in touch.
Next Sprints
UI & UX designers
Start: 1st of July
Frontend developers
Start: 25th of June