Full-stack Engineer

at Gensyn
Anywhere (100% Remote) | Full time

Salary: £70,000 per year

About Us
Machine learning is advancing society - and it no longer has to violate privacy in the process.
Gensyn is at the forefront of privacy preserving artificial intelligence - making all data instantly accessible for enterprise machine learning; we allow organisations to deploy distributed, secure, infrastructure that guarantees privacy in their workflows.
Our technology enables banks to uncover and halt terrorist financing, insurance companies to collaboratively predict hurricane losses, chemical companies to work with leading researchers to improve sustainability, and so much more.

Job Description
This is a rare opportunity to be the first engineering hire at a well-funded deeptech startup - building technology at the intersection of machine learning and privacy research. You'll take on engineering and machine learning challenges and you'll be implementing cutting edge research for deployment into some of the world's largest organisations.

If you join Gensyn, you'll contribute to the next big advancement in machine learning through a role that will grow and evolve around you; including:

  • Leading feature development - from specification to production code;
  • Developing APIs and services to form the core of the Gensyn infrastructure (Python + FastAPI/Starlette);
  • Developing frontend GUIs for the above APIs (React);
  • Rigorously testing the infrastructure with machine learning/analytics/data science workflows;
  • Writing code to a high standard/test coverage with a keen understanding of performance impact;
  • Documenting code and APIs to a high standard;
  • Helping to build out a world-class engineering team.

Requirements Essential
  • Experience building APIs and web applications/services in Python (or other popular language);
  • Experience building frontend webapps in React (or other popular frontend framework);
  • Experience with containerised architectures and building microservices (docker, k8s, etc..);
  • Machine learning/data science experience (numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn, PyTorch, Tensorflow etc..);
  • Continuous improvement mindset - able to work autonomously and self-manage effectively;
  • Strong familiarity with Linux environments and developer tooling (CLIs, Git, etc..);
  • Passionate about privacy and ethical data usage.

Nice to have
  • Experience speaking to customers and senior stakeholders;
  • Previous startup experience;
  • Experience with privacy-preserving machine learning/privacy enhancing technologies (federated learning, differential privacy, secure multi-party computation, etc..);
  • Experience with computer science/machine learning/privacy research (conference/journal papers, open source work, etc..

  • Salary of £70,000 + generous stock options;
  • Remote budget of £2,000/year;
  • Wellbeing budget of £1,500/year (incl. therapy);
  • Equipment budget of £2,000 on arrival;
  • Private pension;
  • Be involved in publishing/patenting core Gensyn technology;
  • Learn and implement technologies at the forefront of machine learning research;
  • The opportunity to shape the future of an exciting early-stage startup.
We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, sex, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


Employment type: Full time

Work schedule: Remote working

Tech stack: Python

Tech stack: React

Tech stack: Docker

Date: 25 Nov