Build a remote development team at your startup
Best practice on how to find, verify and hire remote
developers for startups at any stage.
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19 Sep, 10 a.m PST
What to expect during the webinar?
- Why it's not necessary to be in 1 timezone or even have 4 hours overlap to build a great product?

- How a startup can create the funnel of potential employees as Google and Facebook have?

- What skills you should check before making the offer?

- How much should I pay to the remote employees?

Whew…that's a lot of pressure for you, especially if it's your first remote company. Don't worry: in this webinar we'll cover all these topics and answer any questions you have about remote development teams.
Hosted by:
Den Shershnev
Founder & CEO of 6nomads.com
Previously I've managed the team of 100+ designers and developers who used the mixed model - remote + office. I'll tell you why it's not the best choice.

Now I lead the team of 12 remote employees who work asynchronically from California (US), Ukraine, Siberia (Russia) and Minsk (Belarus).

We already helped 9 companies from Israel and the US to implement remote processes. We prepare a series of webinars to share the experience.
About 6nomads
We're a remote team of 12 people who gathered to create a matching platform for world's best talent and remote tech companies. Within almost a year we've helped a dozen companies from the USA, Europe and Israel to hire remote teammates.