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Senior full-time engineers from all over the world
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Don't hesitate to contact us if we can help with anything. We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at dshershnev@6nomads.com with questions or feedback
Hire top tech employees worldwide, instead of hiring average ones
A new kind of recruitment service focusing on remote tech companies.

Access active remote talent every 2 weeks

Traditional recruitment is tedious and time-consuming, so we decided to add a pinch of Agile to make it more effective and less frustrating for both sides. (Yay!)

Every 2 weeks we select 6 great engineers and designers who are looking for a full-time remote position and match them with tech companies. We call it a sprint.
Explore ongoing sprints

Connect with relevant candidates

All of the candidates in sprints are matched to your tech stack, time zone, and salary offered.

You can connect with candidates from each sprint only within this 2 week period. They will disappear from your list after the sprint is finished.
How does 6nomads work?
Candidates pass
screening and verification

Candidates apply to 6nomads and go through a three-stage selection process:

  • Pre-screening.
  • Code review or technical exercise.
  • Interview with an engineer from a remote company.
We build a sprint on the 6nomads platform
Every 2 weeks we build a list of 6 candidates from each specialization: backend, frontend, and product design.

We gather candidates and companies that have a high match rate to provide a high response rate.
You have 2 weeks
to hire a candidate
Within the 2 week window, you can connect with each candidate, interview them, and choose the one you like.

At the end of this period, these candidates will disappear from your list.
• Our commission is 1 month salary per every hire.
1 month salary
per hire

Early-stage startup
• Up to $1M in funding
• Less than 2 years old
• 10 employees or less
per hire
The best way to hire tech team for an early-stage startup. Apply to 6nomads for Early stage
We only work with top-tier startups. We don't work with enterprises at this stage.

We don't work with companies without a legal entity. You need to have a corporate business card to pay for our services online. If you don't have a card, please contact our founder, Denis, at dshershnev@6nomads.com. He will help your company to make the payment using a wire transfer.

We don't work with startups that deal with gambling, alcohol, cigarettes or weapons. We are especially motivated to work with startups focused on social impact.

We aren't looking for technical co-founders.